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If you don't want to be like everyone, then we are like-minded. I don't care who you are, what color you are, what do you believe and where do you live. My brand is for the dreamers. And if you like it - I made it right.

The place I was born in, everything around looked just the same - houses, streets, people. The place I was born in, to be conspicuous is to be indecent and sometimes criminal. The place I was born in, the freedom of choice treated as luxury option to be dreamed of only, and I loved to dream since I remember myself. All I dreamed was about beauty - beautiful people, beautiful countries, beautiful things. I often heard - my head is in the clouds and I have to put my feet on the ground and think as regular people do. But you know what? I think, my goal as an author, artist and creator - to make illusions to become real. The one who reached an «impossible» is the one who was keep all that absurd trying.

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